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I'm an amateur photographer, living in San Francisco Bay Area with my lovely wife and two cutest girls.

My first camera was a simple point and shoot given by my mom when I was in college. While I liked to take photos, the hassle of developing films prevented me from really getting into the hobby. In 1999, I purchased my first digital camera, Nikon Coolpix 800. This little toy opened a door to a whole new world for me. Ever since then, photography has been becoming an important part of my life. Currently, I'm using Canon DSLRs and lenses to extend my visions and record precious moments.

I've tried many kinds of photography. Recently, I've found my true love - nature photography, including birds, other wildlife, landscapes, flowers, insects, etc. I ventured into wedding photography for a short while, and still cover some of my close friends' wedding occasionally, but I don't intend to turn it into a real business in near future.

Thank you for visiting my site and hope you enjoy your stay!

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